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All your attempts to get into the market are being frustrated – prices always seem to rise long term and things like stress testing and down payment requirements still keep housing unaffordable. It is not fair and it is not sustainable.

Someone had to create a fairer way for Canadians to buy a home.

That is why we created FirstStep Financial.

FirstStep is private mortgage lender whose commitment is to lower your down payment without increasing your monthly payments and make your dream of affordable home ownership a reality now.

FirstStep is

Canada's most innovative non-bank Mortgage Lender

At FirstStep,
we believe the Canadian Mortgage system is broken.

We are not your typical mortgage provider.

Our objective is to help buyers get into ownership or investment on fair and sustainable terms, or help those who already own a home manage huge increases in variable rate mortgage payments. 

We believe everyone should have access to Affordable home ownership:

Real Mortgage Products For Real Canadians:

Access 90

Help with Buying a Home

Regardless of what the banks say, your 10% downpayment is enough to purchase a home up to $2m.

Agreement For Sale

Help with Buying a Home

When home ownership seems unattainable, we can help. 

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Alt-A Helps:

Home Buyers (AltA-80%)

Rental / Investor (Alt-A 75%)

Equity Draw (Alt-A 65%)

When traditional lending options don’t work, alternate!

Rate Relief 75

Help with Variable Rate Mortgage

Get help with your rising variable rate mortgage. 

Featured Product:

The Access90 Mortgage

Your 10% is enough.

With our Access90 Mortgage that 10 percent down payment you saved can take you much farther than you thought.

Access90 Mortgage Benefits:

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With the ACCESS90 Calculator:

How Much do you *really* need?

The Access90 mortgage empowers buyers to leverage their downpayment by only requiring 10%! Check out what your monthly payments would be based on the purchase price of your new home or the down payment amount with the Access90 Mortgage Calculator.

This calculator is for illustrative purposes only. Please connect one of our mortgage specialists to find out if the Access90 mortgage is right for you. 
While every effort is made to keep this tool up-to-date, FirstStep Financial does not guarantee the accuracy, reliability or completeness of any information or calculations provided by this calculator. FirstStep Financial is not be liable for loss or damage of any kind arising from the use of this tool.

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Improving Access to Home Finance


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