Our Story

Every great Story Starts with the "Why?"

How it all started

FirstStep Financial was founded by Steve Earle and Jason Bond, two Vancouver-based entrepreneurs increasingly troubled by what the housing crisis was doing to their communities – and to their children’s prospects of purchasing a home of their own. 

Passion. impact. Change.

meet the founders behind FirstStep

Steven Earle

Chief Executive Officer

Steve’s experience includes a successful commercial real estate and development career, the financing and execution of various pioneering enterprises globally, and the growth of his aircraft lease and finance business. 

He has created and executed ventures that seemed impossible, powered by a simple belief in their necessity. 
That belief also applies to his co-founding of FirstStep.

As a young man with a young family Steve lived in rental properties and watched real estate prices skyrocketed faster than savings could keep up.  He personally knows the stresses and anxiety of not being able to own your own home. Ultimately Steve was able to buy his dream home and fully understands the importance of that opportunity to his financial and emotional well-being.

Steve felt there had to be a simple way to give creditworthy but frustrated prospective home buyers access to homeownership on fairer more sustainable terms.  He partnered with global finance expert Jason Bond to create FirstStep and unique products like the Access90 Mortgage. Steve is looking forward to watching a new generation of Canadians experience the joys of homeownership, like self-determination, family stability, and wealth creation.

Jason Bond


Knowing that Jason’s children would have to start saving for their first home’s down payment the day they were born spurred Jason to action, joining Steve to make a difference in helping thousands of qualified buyers obstructed from home ownership in Canada.

Jason has always had a passion to serve and from a young age his life’s goal was to join the Royal Air Force.  Learning he didn’t have perfect vision devastated his dream andforced a drastic pivot, like what many of today’s prospective home buyers experience.

Always wanting to be a high flyer who got the most out of life, Jason leapt into the world of finance and was managing accounts in Singapore at the age of 20, running a derivatives business in Tokyo at 23 and happily married with two kids by 30.

Jason has always been fueled by a love of travel, food, adventure, and the never-ending quest to find the perfect espresso. His appreciation for finding purpose in life inspires him to champion others making their dream of home ownership a reality.