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You should own your home.
your home shoulnd't own you!

Opening the door to homeownership

Homebuyers are frustrated, we’re here to help.

All your attempts to get into the market are frustrating – even during a global pandemic, prices continue to rise and stress testing still makes housing even more unaffordable. 

When it comes to purchasing a home, FirstStep Financial believes the current reality is not sustainable.

That’s why we’ve created a fair way for Canadians to buy a home.

When it comes to financing your home, we believe in fairness.

FirstStep Financial has innovatively come up with an accessible way for you and your family to get into the housing market by leading the charge in setting new standards in affordability, security, and fairness.

We support you in buying your home with a 10% down payment while saving up to 30% over the course of your mortgage.

At FirstStep Financial, we believe that as the homeowner, you should be in control of your future.

FistStep Financial can help.


Loan Type

Agreement for Sale*



Max Loan





10 years


BC: GVA, Squamish, Tricities, Kelowna ON: GTA


Principle + Interest via 2 loans combined

Loan A (70% of the purchase price) is Interest Only and
Loan B (20% of the purchase price) is amortizing
Your 10% downpayment is enough to get your dream home
*Freehold residential Purchase via an “Agreement for Sale”.
It’s like a mortgage but in reverse. Instead of the bank putting a mortgage on your title (effectively giving them ownership of your home), you put a mortgage (called the Agreement for Sale) on title which FirstStep holds until you’re ready to buy it out.

Key Product Information

With FirstStep's Agreement For Sale,
Your 10% Downpayment is enough!

The Agreement for Sale (AFS) mortgage is designed to get people into homes faster, without having to wait 20 years to save for a downpayment.

FirstStep’s AFS is based on a model that has been around for decades to bring fair, simple, transparent mortgage practices to market.

The FirstStep Difference - In Action

BorrowER Value Propositions

Creating Affordability

Buyer Quick Facts

Home Type

Condo, Townhouse and single family homes.

Price Range

$500k – $2m

Buyer Eligibility
  • Canadian Citizen
  • Permanement Resident
  • Pre-Qualified by Bank or CU
  • Appraisal Supported Price

Home must be located in approved suburb/city.

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